Liz Konstantinov



Juan Gris

30"x24"x6", board, 2001

12"x6"x4", wood, 2003

Stand for Rapture
48"x18"x8" copper, 2003

Youth's Dreams

12"x12", plaster, 2002

private collection

Anima Feminae
40"x32", collage, 2000

collection of the artist

25' wood, 2003
collection of the artist

My Love's Love
44" hexagonal wood box, 2001
private collection

Mayan Brick, Stand
8"x3"x2" clay, painted brick
16"x8"x8" cloth, wire base 2003
private collection

30"x18", yarn, objects, 2001
private collection
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"Each thing we see hides something else we wish to see."

Rene Magritte